Time to review

With the New Year just days away, I thought I would write a review of 2016 and reflect on what a fantastic year I have had. Through health, fitness and outdoor sports, I have developed a lifestyle that really makes me happy and I want to inspire and motivate others to do the same. I’ve had such fun from cycling and camping that my motivation levels have gone through the roof and I thought that I would share some of the highlights of the last year with you. Already I am feeling inspired and excited for the coming year and I cannot wait to set some challenges for 2017.

David Reilly

How did it happen?

I really found my motivation for Outdoor Sports again this year after a camping trip to the north west of Scotland with a dear friend. I hadn’t been camping for over 20 years and I didn’t know if I would enjoy it again. I really thought my camping days were long gone. We had a wonderful time and I was hooked and, after this trip, I decided to start blogging a bit more about my participation in Outdoor Sports. After all, I have always been enthusiastic about the outdoors, I have been cycling for years, and this is my Passion. Now I am enjoying my Outdoor Sports more than ever and I can’t wait for 2017 to come and to experience the amazing new opportunities it will bring!



Highlights of the Year



Things I have learned this year

  • My passion for outdoor sports is as great as its ever been. I might have lacked motivation because of the difficulty of finding people to take part with me in outdoor sports but now I am doing it again I am so happy.
  • Perhaps I could inspire and motivate other people. I’ve had so much encouraging feedback it has inspired me to carry on writing and sharing my experiences.
  • Doing my sport and writing about it is following my bliss, and doing what makes me happy. I love sport and keeping fit, I have so much fun which is why I keep doing it.
  • More evidence,as if I need it, that healthy body and healthy mind go together. I feel fantastic!
  • I’m making friends across the world. Via Twitter I have got chatting to people both locally and on the other side of the world and my life is enriched for that.

In my next post I am going to share some of my hopes and dreams for the coming year!


I was very grateful this year to secure the support of the following companies and I look forward to representing or promoting them in the coming year.