Preparing for my Hebridean Adventure.

bike-repair-004Preparations are well under way for my Hebridean cycle adventure and I’m looking forward to it very much. The ferry is booked and I’m beginning to think about what to take with me. As well as all my cycling gear, I have been reminded to take lots of spares for the bike such as tubes and tyres. As I was making up a took kit to take, I suddenly became aware that on the Outer Hebrides I won’t have a bike shop or mechanic round the corner!

When it come to maintaining, ie, cleaning and routine stuff, I manage most of it myself. However more difficult stuff like adjusting Di2 gears, I can’t do myself. I can change punctures and tyres by myself but have to admit it takes me ages! One of my friends once joked with me that I could have an Edinburgh Fringe show of me trying to change a puncture! It would go on for hours and people would get a laugh and theirs moneys worth!!

Here is a list so far of what I am taking.

Spare inner tubes

  • Tyre levers
  • A spare tyre
  • A tyre patch
  • Full set of allan keys
  • Track pump and pump to carry
  • Di2 charger (highly unlikely to need)
  • Cleaner and lube

This might be an issues for disabled people cycling alone because some repairs can be tricky and require strength or manual dexterity. Many people can change punctures in a flash or even split a chain at the side of the road but I’m not one of them. I just hope the bike is fine for the 186 miles and so I can concentrate of my own fitness.