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David on The Snow covered Hills

Many of us take inspiration from watching the great achievements of others.   But with the motivation and right mental attitude, we can achieve anything we want.  I have experienced this many times, particularly on a long cycle ride.   In this short video below,  I share my experience of overcoming the challenges of the mind in order to achieve beyond our limit.

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I have recently returned from a wonderful weeks skiing in The 3 Valleys.  Supported by Scottish based Chalet company Ski Hame, I spent 6 days skiing the biggest ski area in the world. This 640km of ski runs offers a fantastic variety of terrain and truly has something for everyone.

Returning to The 3 Valleys was a real joy. I had skied there a half dozen times although not for many years.  Ski Hame has been a source of support and friendship over the years and it was a pleasure to stay in one of their chalets again.

It took me a very long time and perseverance to find balance on skis but, when I did it was worth the wait. Out of all the activities and sports I do and have done, I love skiing the best.  The activity that I had to work hardest for, and took me the most determination to achieve, I enjoy the most.

Below is a short film on my time in The 3 Valleys.