Camping in Sutherland

I have just returned after a few days camping in Sutherland on the north coast of Scotland and I am just feeling on top of the world. We were so far north, and it was so wild and remote that

Why Cerebral Palsy Hasn’t Stopped Me Cycling

We all face challenges in life. Cerebral Palsy is mine, but it hasn’t stopped me from becoming a keen recreational cyclist and playing an active role in my local clubs. I’m actually an active skier and, a few weeks before

Social attitudes to disabled are changing.

Disabled people have come under attack again in the latest of George Osborne’s Budgets, with unemployed disabled people set to lose a further £30 per week. Those on Employment Support Allowance are set to have benefits cut – and this

The Government Are Creating An Attitude Towards Disabled People That Could Take The disabled Rights Movement Back Decades.

Disabled  people have come under attack again in the latest of George Osborne’s budgets where unemployed disabled people are now set to lose a further £30 per week.   In this, the latest blow to disabled people, those on Employment Support Allowance

Latest Round of Attack on Disabled People!

This week the House of Lord voted in favour of cutting disability unemployment benefit by £30 per week leaving many, already struggling people, without money they need to live on. Names of the politicians who voted in favour of such

Mental Health Attitudes Must Change

There has been a call recently by health professionals to try to cut waiting times for mental health patients who have to wait often extended periods of time before they can access the help they require. Presently people wait weeks

Disabled People Losing Vital Money For Getting Around

Disabled people who rely on vital monies for mobility, that enables them to have an active life and go about their daily business, are facing an uncertain future. Many thousands of disabled people rely on high rate Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

More Funding for Mental Health Services

I was delighted to read that the government is about to spend millions more monies on improving mental health services in England and Wales. As someone who has experienced acute mental health problems over many years I know only too well the

Time to put an end to ‘Poverty Porn’ culture.

Next Week begins the start of a new series on Channel 5 where families on welfare are offered a years worth of benefit, £26,000 in a lump sum, and in return are expected to come of benefits all together. The

SHRUB University Recycling Project

For members of the SHRUB CO-OP, recycling and avoiding waste is second nature. Throughout the year, as one of the many community workshops they run, members will be providing sewing machines and a little guidance for students to create their own