Bad weather on Uist

We had a comfortable night in Mrs McPhee’s house and really good breakfast to start the day. That was the first time for many years I had stayed in a B&B and it’s a strange experience. I found it odd

The first day on my Cycling adventure Barra to South Uist

We had a comfortable enough sleep in the Dunard hostel that night although I was so shattered after the journey to get there I would have slept anywhere. The beds were a bit rickety and the mattress really soft so

My arrival on Barra

I was all packed and ready to go the night before when I received a text message from CalMac to say that the ferry was going to be delayed due to bad weather and that they would message again in

Completed my Hebridean Cycle Ride

Glad to be home after my cycling adventure. Just a short video to say thanks to everyone who supported  me, to Edinburgh Bicycle Coop who sponsor me and  to everyone who took an interest.  Looking forward to sharing my experience on

Preparing for my Hebridean Adventure.

Preparations are well under way for my Hebridean cycle adventure and I’m looking forward to it very much. The ferry is booked and I’m beginning to think about what to take with me. As well as all my cycling gear,

Inspirational post on Berghaus Community Website

I am really delighted to say that I managed to get a blog post onto the Berghaus Community Website. Berghaus very kind let me write a post about my experience of disability and outdoor sport, for which I am very

Camping in The Ettrick Valley

I have just come back from a wonderful weekends camping in Tushielaw which is nestled in the Ettrick Valley. Within an easy 2 hour drive of Edinburgh, Tushielaw is in a really beautiful spot surrounded by the rolling hills of

Over came a Challenge Today

A friend suggested that I might try busking in the Meadows during the Edinburgh Festival and I stupidly agreed to do it. Got the idea from adventurer Alistair Humphreys who is busking his way over Spain, with a violin he

Challenge to Cycle the Outer Hebrides

I have always had a desire to cycle the length of the Outer Hebrides have finally taken the plunge and decided to have a crack at it. Round the world cyclist Mark Beaumont recently accomplished it although he did it

Summers Evening Cycle

Cycled 38 miles last night which turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far. Was  quite a hard training run and got a great work out from it. Feeling fantastic today after it.