Sports and fitness are so important to an individual’s health and happiness. I have reviewed my fitness routine recently and discovered how inspired and motivated I suddenly am. Nothing seems to inspire and motivate me as much as sports and exercise to support living a healthy lifestyle. I thought I would write and share a little of it in order to inspire and motive others.




MachineI have been attending Nuffield Health Club for the last two months now and, although its still early days, I wanted to write a post to say how I am doing. I have been attending an average of three times a week and using the gym and the swimming pool. I usually spend an hour in the gym participating in a general body programme.

Here is the Program I follow:

  • 30 minutes interval training on the bike
  • Stretches on the floor
  • Biceps curls (3sets of 12)
  • Pull down (3 sets of 12)
  • Bar curls (not sure of that’s the right name, but they really hurt!)
  • Free weights / free choice
  • Leg press
  • 2000m rowing machine

RunningAfter I have done a workout in the gym, I go downstairs to the swimming pool. I’ve never been a good swimmer despite having regular swimming lessons at school. I can just about manage a few lengths of breast stroke but that’s about all. None the less, it must do me some good and after a workout in the gym it is a good way to wind down and relax. Best of all is the sauna and steam-room. There is nothing nicer than after a hard workout in the gym relaxing your muscles in the heat of the steam room and sauna.
I am feeling tremendous already after having attended Nuffield Health and Fitness club for just a couple of months.

A few of the benefits I am noticing arerzio9wkn_400x400

  • Having more energy
  • Better concentration
  • Sleeping better
  • Feeling healthier
  • Feeling increased motivation

So far, I am just amazed at the evident benefits of being a member of a health club and I am very grateful indeed to Nuffield Health for their ongoing support. I am looking forward to continuing my training regime over the next few months and seeing the progress. I would recommend and encourage anybody to sign up with Nuffield Health Clubs and experience all of the benefits. I look forward to writing more in my Blog in the future about just how much progress I am making and about how good I feel.